About edu.news

The edu.news module is part of the Edumeres information platform for international educational media research and is the primary source of up-to-date conference and event information and general updates from the field of international educational media research and practice.

Edu.news is directed at numerous target groups; from experts in the field to educationalists, pupils and students. The main objective of the module is to provide the latest national and international news in educational media as well as information on important events in the field.

The module focusses on findings and news from research and practice in the field of educational media. Calls for papers are published to encourage researchers to submit papers for conferences and conventions. Edu.news also provides a platform where researchers at the Georg Eckert Institute can publish conference reports.

If you should have a comments, questions, ideas for conference reports or other contributions please feel free to contact the edu.news editorial staff:

Anna-Lea Beckmann