34th Annual Conference of the German Studies Association

OrtOakland, California

The topics of the conference are “German Unification Revisited,” “Taking Stock of the GDR,” “(Trans)Nationalism and the German City,” “Cosmopolitical and Transnational Interventions,” “Creativity and Partnership,” “Jews and the Transnational Public Sphere,” “Law, Society, and Culture in Germany,” “New Approaches to Weimar Cinema,” “The Total Work of Art,” “Goethe’s Lyric,” “Money in the German-Speaking Lands,” “Suffering in Medieval and Early Modern Culture,” “The Supernatural in Medieval and Early Modern Germany,” “Thomas Mann: Neue kulturwissenschaftliche Lektüren,” “Forced Labor in World War II,” “Returning Home after 1945,” “Reevaluating DEFA Cinema,” “From Weimar to the Cold War,” and, for a second year, “Asian-German Studies.”  

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