EDEN 10th Research Workshop: Personalised Guidance and Support for Learning

OrtCosmocaixa Museum, Carrer d'Isaac Newton, 26, 08022 Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona Skyline
Barcelona Skyline (© siehe Quelle)

EDEN’s 2018 Workshop “Personalized Guidance and Support for Learning” focuses on the crucial and changing roles of teachers in supporting student learning in the digital world. This includes the creation of enabling conditions that encourage learning personalization, learner agency and self-direction.

Experiences of learner empowerment resulting from balanced “guide on the side” teaching, timely teaching interventions, consistent feedback and feedforward, explicit teaching of learning-to-learn strategies, assessment for learning, and technology-based adaptive teaching will provide a substantive background for reflection and discussion.

Image source: Image from Walkerssk / CC0 1.0