The European Summer University in Digital Humanities "Culture & Technology"

OrtUniversität Leipzig, Augustusplatz 10, 04109 Leipzig, Germany
Leipzig (© sihe Quelle)

From the 18th to 28th of July 2017 the 8th European Summer University in Digital Humanities "Culture & Technology" will take place at the University of Leipzig.

The Leipzig Summer University is special because it not only seeks to offer a space for the discussion and acquisition of new knowledge, skills and competences in those computer technologies which play a central role in Humanities Computing and which determine every day more and more the work done in the Humanities and Cultural Sciences, as well as in publishing, libraries, and archives etc., but because it tries to integrate also linguistics with the Digital Humanities, which pose questions about the consequences and implications of the application of computational methods and tools to cultural artefacts of all kinds.

Image source: Image from ThomasWolter / CC0 1.0