Again protests in Croatia for educational reforms

Protests in Croatia (© see sources)

On June the 1st this year over 20,000 protesters demonstrated in Zagreb for educational reforms in Croatia. Around 10,000 more protested in other big cities in Croatia.

The protests were organized by the GOOD Initiative, which is composed of 45 nongovernmental organizations since 2008. This year's protest was a repeat of the massive gathering in 2016 when 50,000 Croatians demanded the implemantation of educational reforms – demands which were apparently not conformed appropriatly by the government.

Additional demands this year were the revision of the curriculum and the democratization of the school system by enabling the participation of educators in policymaking and the adoption of a clear evaluation guide for teachers’ work. The citizens demanded that the substantial reforms in the curriculum should be based on the input of educational practitioners, instead of relying on the recommendations of powerful partisan groups which have little expertise on managing schools.

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Photo credit: Image (not modified) by Branko Radovanović / CC BY-SA 4.0
Information source: total croatia news