China and its deficient political education

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Chinese students (© see sources)

The teaching of core values as intact morals and a responsibility for an efficient economy and society is a very important part at Chinese Universities but the education is lacking a very crucial aspect: a flexibility of the perspective on politics. The education minister admitted this shortcoming and described the according classes as outdated and unfashionable.

Beijing and the Chinese Government are generally known for their restricting and controlling approaches of determining the contents that are supposed to be taught. The measures range from sending inspectors to monitor teachers for improper statements to less strict actions like appealing to Universities to show their loyalty to the party.

The long-term intention of China is to establish Universities that don’t have to fear the comparison with the high-end academies worldwide. But the top positions in the ranking are taken by Universities that are essentially free of constraints in terms of learning content.

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Photo credit: Young Chinese students celebrate Europe Day in China - 8 May 2011 by European Union / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
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