Chinese sex education about to get opened up?

sexual education in chinas textbooks
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A Chinese textbook caused parents to start a controversial discussion about the extent of the national sex education. It is popular among sex-educational materials to show the development of the human body, but to spare a range of functions and obscene depictions. Contrary to this manner, the Beijing Normal University published a series of textbooks for elementary schools with another focus than most of the materials available at the moment. Firstly, it illustrates the reproductive organs of humans and describes the act of intercourse and secondly, it declares homosexuality as normality.

In an Interview with CNN, Professor Jing Jun from Beijing’s Tsinghua University reported about a majority of students that has never had a sex education till its first year of University. This lack of knowledge has been stated to be the reason for a variety of upcoming problems in China: a high abortion rate and the rate of HIV-infections that rises at an estimated percentage of 35 yearly.

The textbooks are currently used in 18 elementary schools in Beijing and have undergone a nine-year testing phase.

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