Defence Lessons to be Reintroduced in the Czech Republic?

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The Czech government is considering reintroducing defence lessons, which were abolished in Czech schools in 1991. This shift in attitude is due to initiatives by the right-wing populist party ‘Action of Dissatisfied Citizens’ (ANO), which won parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic last autumn. According to defence minister Karla Slechtová quoted in the online edition of the ‘MF Dnes’ newspaper the plan is to teach pupils ‘what is means to be Czech’ and how they should react in the event of a terrorist attack on schools. A first-aid course would also be included in the defence curriculum as well as basic information about the armed forces. National defence is already a subject of lessons in schools, leading critics to fear increasing militarisation in Czech society.

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Picture source: image from adam_gorka / CC0
Information source: 13.02.2018