Digital education: MOOCs increasingly successful

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Learners are seeking more and more flexibility, convenience and an on-demand provision from education, as they do in other aspects of their lives. These expectations have to be met by the evolving technology which shapes the learning environments for students from kindergarten to University.

One growing area of the ongoing digitalization is MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course). According to, a portal for Online Courses, there were 58 million participants of their course offer in 2016 which. That is an increase of 23 million in comparison with 2015.

75% of the course partakers state to participate in MOOCs in order to achieve better careers. When asked, many employers approve that applicants have better chances if they mention the qualifications earned during online courses. Especially fast moving sectors require skills that can’t be acquired in traditional time consuming trainings.

The near future of MOOCs might allow deeper learning experiences and introduce online degrees. Furthermore, following the recent trend, online courses could become more than a phenomenon and make it to our everyday life. This way, learning will overcome barriers and reach everyone who needs it.

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