Digitisation in German schools lagging behind

Schülerin mit Tablet
Schülerin mit Tablet ( © siehe Quellen )

The education fair didacta provided education experts with an opportunity to highlight the fact that digitisation in German schools has much catching up to do. The implementation of modern technology in learning processes improves pupils’ motivation and encourages cooperative, creative and problem-solving skills said didacta president Professor Fthenakis. It also enables pupils to develop digital competences.
In addition to the introduction of digital technology there also needs to be adequate provision of broadband infrastructures and training for teachers as well as the development of a suitable pedagogical concept, in order to harness the potential of digitisation.
The political parties CDU, CSU and SPD have agreed to set aside five billion Euros for a ‘digital package’ that would equip all 40,000 schools with digital devices, appropriate networking facilities, wireless networks and secure cloud applications.

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Picture source: image from SchoolPRPro / CC0
Information source: heise.de 19.02.2018, news4teachers.de 19.02.2018