France wishes to ban mobile phones in schools

Mobiltelefone (© siehe Quellen)

From September mobile phones should be banned in French schools, an initial vote by the national assembly has decided.

The ban should also apply during break time at pre-schools (École maternelles), primary schools and secondary schools. The only exception would be the French grammar schools, the Lycée. The ruling would affect children and young people between the ages of three and fifteen. The use of mobile phones during lessons is already prohibited, but in future they could be off-limits for the entire school day.

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, promised action on the subject during his election campaign and has subsequently brought the topic to parliament. The next stage is for the senate to deliberate the proposal.

Mobile phone use is not permitted during lessons in the majority of German schools, but there is no standard regulation. The stance on mobile phones is partly regulated by the rules of individual schools and partly by the state education acts.

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Information source: 07.06.2018, 07.06.2018
Image source: picture from terimakasih0 / CC0 1.0