Guidelines for the promotion of research into ‘Digitisation in the Education Sector – Key Questions and Success Factors’

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The German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) is launching an 'education offensive for the digital knowledge-based society' through which it hopes to stimulate empirical education research that explores the potential of digital educational media and its associated risks.

The research guidelines for the first research field have now been drawn up. This field will support research into key questions exploring the impact of digitisation processes and the requirements for their implementation. In addition it will facilitate the development and trial of design concepts for change processes in the education system, under the conditions created by digitisation.

Funding: Interdisciplinary enterprises will be given priority. The scheme will support projects that employ either qualitative or quantitative methods of empirical research or a combination of the two. Projects will generally be assured full financing for up to three years.

Funding procedure: The two-stage application process commences with a project outline that must be submitted by 18 December 2017. Those projects selected can then submit an official grant application.

The BMBF has commissioned the following partner to process the funding initiative:
DLR-Project Management Agency
Project management education, gender, empirical education research,
higher education research
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Dr Sandra Konrad (, Tel: +49 2 28/38 21 17 82)
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