Happiness lessons in Delhi

Dalai Lama
Dalai Lama (© siehe Quellen)

Since Monday pupils in the Delhi metropolitan area have had a new subject, and it is called ‘happiness’. The Dalai Lama himself introduced the new curriculum on Monday.

All children at state schools in the city, from primary school up to year 8, will have a daily 45-minute lesson where they will meditate, play and hold discussions. They will investigate, experience and demonstrate happiness as well as learning to be considerate, to tackle stress and to behave ‘pleasantly’.

In reference to the introduction of the happiness curriculum the Dalai Lama tweeted ‘What destroys peace of mind is anger, hatred, anxiety and fear’.

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Information source: spiegel.de 02.07.18, swp.de 02.07.18
Image source: picture from johnhain / CC0 1.0