Hungary Planning to Introduce Military Education in Schools

wehrübungen in ungarn
Ungarische Soldaten (© siehe Quellen)

According to the vice permanent secretary, the government of right-wing conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban wants to introduce a ‘patriotic and military education’ into the school curriculum. It is intended to convey a love of the homeland, as is already the case in history and geography classes, and to prepare students in case the country needs to defend itself.

In order to implement these plans, the government has commissioned a study to investigate their feasibility without introducing new subjects. Thus, music classes are to be complemented by patriotic songs, and physical education by military exercises. Furthermore, the government hopes to construct shooting ranges all over the country, at which the teens are to learn the use of firearms.

Parents’ representatives and teachers’ unions have long been warning about comparable measures; they have previously spoken out against similar changes undertaken at schools. Daily physical education and a conservative view of the family in textbooks are already in place.

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