Indian Government excludes revolutionists from textbooks

Indian textbook, Revolutionist excluded
Rajasthan (© see sources)

A journalist of Indias online newspaper “Firstpost” recites a friend when it comes to the Rajasthan’s latest curriculum and textbooks as follows: “There is every chance that the history course will be periodically distorted at whims and fancies of parties in power”. Due to this concern his friend advised his daughter to avoid any history-related subject in college. Rajasthan’s government decided to take out important names of revolutionary personalities like Nehru, the first prime minister or Ghandi’s assassin Godse. Furthermore the author criticizes the removal of an established textbook from a university due to passages which describe revolutionaries as “revolutionary terrorists”.

One of the major parties in India, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is known for having an aversion against Nehru and shows its disrespect for historic authenticity by enforcing these “pedagogical perversions”. The motivation behind these changes in the education system might be concerns of the government about the students becoming too rebellious or going astray. But these decisions can prove themselves as shortsighted since this knowledge is available online and can be spread easily.

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