Learning Media Competency: Three Ideas for Teaching with Edumeres

Schüler in einer Bibliothek
Schüler in einer Bibliothek (© siehe Quellen)

In the current issue of the pedagogical journal PÄDAGOGIK (10/2017), Maret Nieländer, Tim Hartung and Rocco Lehmann have published the article ‘Schulbücher zum Unterrichtsgegenstand machen’ [Making Textbooks a Classroom Topic].

Using the Edumeres portal, the article introduces three ways to use textbooks in the classroom in order to increase students’ media competency.

With the Edumeres module edu.reviews, students can write and publish their own textbook reviews. Using the Edumeres module edu.data or GEI Digital, they can look into historical and global developments and perspectives in textbooks and education systems, pursuing either their own research questions or pre-formulated inquiries.

In doing so, students gain both substantive knowledge and competence in research processes and methods, as well as media skills such as the critical and technically adept approach to primary sources and databases.

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Image source: Photo from StockSnap / CC0 1.0
More information: Tim Hartung, Maret Nieländer and Rocco Lehmann, ‘Schulbücher zum Unterrichtsgegenstand nutzen’, Pädagogik 10 (2017): 38–42.