Maths book ‘Mathewerkstatt’ announced ‘Textbook of the Year’

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The Georg Eckert Institute awards an annual prize for the textbook of the year in partnership with the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) and the Didacta Association. The prize honours innovative concepts in content, educational methods and design.
The textbook series‘Mathewerkstatt’ written by Prof. Barzel, Prof. Hußmann, Prof. Prediger and Prof. Leuders was awarded the title of Textbook of the Year 2018 in the category: ‘Science, technology, engineering and mathematics’ (STEM).
The ‘Mathewerkstatt’ series comprises textbooks for maths teaching from years 5 to 10. The books are suitable for all types of school and for pupils of varying abilities.
The book’s guiding concepts include meaningful and active learning that is comprehension oriented, differentiated and diverse.

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Image source: picture from ulleo / CC0
Information source: 01.03.2018, 01.03.2018