New controversial curriculum for Quebec

New curriculum in Quebec
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Critical voices argue that the new history curriculum in Quebec, Canada does not represent minor communities as Anglophones or native Canadians sufficiently. The controversially discussed plan will be introduced next year. Robert Green, head of social studies for the Westmount High school, says the French habitants are portrayed as the economic elite and a dominant and hindering factor of the economic progress. Another point is the contribution of Canada during the world wars: According to the new curriculum the students are supposed to learn that the country “didn’t want to participate” in the wars. Thus the involvement of the Canadian army will be downplayed. Overall the history of Quebec will be shown as francophone, minorities rather as barriers to progress.

These reforms were initiated by the government of Quebec to strengthen up nationalistic contents in the curriculum. In order to teach the students other aspects of the Canadian history the teachers are free to add different topics to the lessons. Robert Green appeals to all teachers to pull together so that everything that’s left out of the curriculum will be taught in high schools.

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