New quality concept for the education system in Baden-Württemberg

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In order to avoid repeating the disappointing results from the last IQB national assessment study the government in Baden-Württemberg has launched a new quality concept for school improvement. The aim of the concept is to boost teaching quality through the use of evidence-based analysis and scientifically verified findings. In order to achieve this, two new centres will be established in 2019: The Institut für Bildungsanalysen (Institute for Education Analysis) and the Zentrum für Schulqualität und Lehrerbildung (Centre for School Quality and Teacher Training). The Institut für Bildungsanalysen will be the first such organisation in the area to monitor education and to carry out evidence-based quality development measures. The benefits from the programme will percolate throughout the education system from schools to culture ministries. The institute will make recommendations for school improvements based on an analysis of comparative studies and school statistics. All proposed measures will be tested for their effectiveness and subsequently modified before being introduced throughout the state.
The Zentrum für Schulqualität und Lehrerbildung will be responsible for the future instruction and education of trainee teachers. The centre will also provide training courses for qualified teachers, which will be refined with support from the Institut für Bildungsanalysen. Schools and individuals may also obtain advice from the centre’s regional offices, related to general teaching quality.

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Information source: 28.06.2017 & 24.04.2018
Image source: picture from EliElschi / CC0 1.0