Numbers of new students in Germany to remain high

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Approximately 350,000 people commenced academic courses in 2005 and the number has since risen to half a million. A study commissioned by the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) and published in 2017 titled ‘Demand for study places reaches high plateau: What next? Model calculations for developments in the numbers of new students until 2050’  (Auf dem Hochplateau der Studiennachfrage: Was kommt danach? Modellrechnungen zur Entwicklung der Studienanfängerzahlen bis zum Jahr 2050), predicts a sustained demand for over 450,000 new study places each year until 2050. These results are based on models developed by the CHE assuming constant conditions (such as unchanged propensity to study).

Based on these results Jörg Dräger, the director of the CHE, advocates ‘a sustained, reliable financial commitment to study places throughout the entire tertiary education system’ as ‘higher education [will become] … the norm and reality in the long-term.

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Information source: Bildungklick 13.12.2017