Polish education reforms approved

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Polish Flag (© see sources)

After four hours of voting and a following intense discussion the Polish Members of Parliament (MP) decided to reintroduce a former education system. It includes eight years of elementary school followed by either five years of technical school or four years of high school.

While the ruling conservative Law Justice (PiS) party says the reforms mean a return to normal Polish school, the Opposition calls the day the decision was made “the blackest day in Polish education”.

Among others, PiS-member Dariusz Piontkowski expects an increase of pupils’ knowledge and skill levels. Schools shouldn’t be a plain form of preparation for tests. Students have to understand what they are learning instead which in his opinion is only possible with the recent reforms.

The changes will take place in 2017 on the 1st of September.

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Photo credit: Flag of Poland by Kpalion / CC0
Information source: thenews.pl