Protests against Polish curriculum changes

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Demonstration in Warsaw (© see sources)

Due to the plans of the Polish Government to change the education system, thousands of teachers and parents marched through the streets of Warsaw, protesting against the reforms.
The reason for the protests is the education ministry intending to introduce an older approach that was used until 1999 and is associated with the communist era. It provides a policy of 8 primary and 4 secondary school years instead of the present 6 primary and 3 secondary school years and the additional middle school and a vocational or general high school year.
If the ministry will apply this system, the current one has to be replaced which is responsible for an increase of the students’ performance since 2003.

Furthermore the education ministry announced changes in the curriculum that are still unknown to the teachers.

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Photo credit: A demonstration organised by the Committee for the Defence of Democracy by Adrian Grycuk / CC BY-SA 3.0 PL
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