Taiwanese students‘ protests result in repeal of curriculum changes

Taiwan churriculum change, Taiwanese student protests
Taipei 101 (© see sources)

The former reigning Beijing-friendly government introduced a China-friendly curriculum in 2015 which wasn’t adopted as expected. The new syllabus caused protests of mostly young students which resulted in arrests.
Due to this reaction of the governing party the students expanded their protests and made them angrily occupy the education ministry in Taipei; one of the activists even committed suicide. The big demonstrations and throughout negative feedback resulted in a repeal of the changes in the curriculum. Two weeks after the China-skeptic Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) was sworn in, replacing the former “Kuomintang”, it ordered to took the changes back in response to the critical voices from the people.

Recently the DPP implemented the decision which was commented by the leading activist Lin Fei-fan as result which was achieved by the peoples’ efforts.

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Photo credit: Taipei 101 from afar by peellden / CC BY-SA 3.0
Information source: indianexpress.com