Teacher training in Germany criticised

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The German education system has been under fire for many years. The key criticisms concern exhausted teachers and lecturers and their unprofessional training.
The length and number of placements during the training period are to be increased in order to better prepare trainee teachers for the profession. This will enable student teachers to establish earlier in the process, whether they believe they are suited to teaching. In addition to the specific training in their individual subjects, trainees must also increasingly be taught and trained in additional competences such as those defined by the Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK). Individualised lessons and provision for autonomous learning are areas that future training is expected to focus upon.
This has not, however, been implemented at all universities. Already qualified teaching staff are recommended to take part in training courses in order to gain additional skills, such as the implementation of digital media, that would meet the KMK requirements.
The student teacher placement process has also faced renewed criticism. The pressure to perform, the amount of time required and the state of being continuously observed are regarded by many student teachers as excessively arduous.

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