Textbook of the Year 2018 is interactive and multimedial

Buch Ebook
Buch Ebook (© siehe Quelle)

At the start of didacta in Hanover the Georg Eckert Institute announced that the winner of Textbook of the Year in the ‘society’ category was the history book ‘mBook Geschichte’ from Cornelsen. The reason for this choice lay in the book’s excellent ‘linking with freely available online material’, which makes the subject truly exciting.

At didacta Cornelsen presented its range of multimedia textbooks, known as ‘mbooks‘. These all contain explanatory videos, interactive exercises, animations and feedback on learning progress. The mbook is browser-based and can therefore be used on any tablet or laptop. Cornelsen has developed mbooks for maths, English, German, Spanish, geography, biology, physics, and of course, history.

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Image source: picture from sik-life / CC0
Information source: news4teachers.de 21.02.2018, bildungsklick.de 21.02.2018