U.S. and Finnish teachers exchanging educational advice

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In order to exchange educational experiences and to draw a comparison, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) sent the Colorado State Teacher of the Year of 2016, Leticia Guzman Ingram, to Finland. The Huffington Post published her observations and impressions.

On one hand it is a difficult path to become a teacher in Finland. Only the top 10 percent of the graduating high school students are permitted to start a teaching career. These candidates are required to hand in a written exam on educational pedagogy – only if they pass it they get invited for an interview for the five year education program.
After they got their qualification to teach, the main focus of a Finnish teacher is not to get the students to achieve a high score or to pass standardized test but to show the students the satisfaction and joy they can gain from learning.

On the other hand Ingram did not face the large diversity of skin colors, languages or religions which she handles with in her school in the United States. In Contrast to that, the U.S. students strongly benefit from being exposed to such a variety of people, Ingram mentioned.

She emphasizes the use of further exchange between the countries and to be open to new ways of supporting the students.

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Information source: huffingtonpost.com