Free high school education for Xinjiang in China

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Xinjiang, China (© see sources)

An Uygur Autonomous Region in Xinjiang, a territory in Western China, and the local government came to terms with high school education. Four of the prefectures which have many ethnic minorities will offer fully free high school education. The regional lawmakers commented on the regulation: "Nobody is allowed to coerce or deceive school-age students out of high school or interfere with their studies to encourage them to drop-out".

The region, inhabited by the Uygur, Mongol, Kyrgyz and Tajik minorities, is known for its low high school enrolment percentage of 23%. For comparison: China's overall high school enrolment rate is at 80%.

Furthermore the development plan includes the building of schools by urging real estate developers to establish new high schools near residential areas.
China provides its students nine years of compulsory education - six years of primary school and three years of junior high school.

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