Israel facing racism against Ethiopians in education system

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There is an uprising discussion about discriminations of Ethiopians in the Israeli education system. The so-called Beta-Israelis come from a region in Ethiopia who began to settle in Palestine in 1934 and start receiving broad support by a committee of the Israeli Justice Ministry. This way the country is facing an increasing racism against Ethiopians in the form of being turned away from public schools, parents preventing their kids from meeting Ethiopian children or welfare workers removing Ethiopian children from their homes more likely than other Israeli kids.

According to the report of the committee most educators are underprepared and supposed to be taught to deal with Ethiopians correctly. Moreover the schools and kindergartens need to be stocked with age-appropriate books and dolls for children with different skin tones. Shlomit Berhanu, member of the committee, is positive about the suggestions to have a healing and trust-improving effect on the society. Emi Palmor, director general of the Ministry of Justice, made clear that she will continue to be after the implementation of the improvements.

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Photo credit: Demonstration-6.11.06 by האגודה הישראלית למען יהודי אתיופיה / CC BY-SA 3.0
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