Joint East Asian Studies Conference

The JEASC is a triennial meeting held by the three academic associations representing East Asian Studies in the UK (The British Associations for
Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Studies - BACS, BAJS, and BAKS). We encourage applications for individual papers, panels of up to four papers, or posters
on any aspect of China, Japan or Korea, as well as on cross-regional topics.
Scholars and graduate students from any country are welcome. There is no overall theme for the conference, but the Plenary Session will be made up of
speakers from China, Japan and Korea who will speak on the topic of 'Hope in Hard Times'.

Please go to the following page on the BAJS website for more details and a conference application form. For the sake of convenience and efficiency
those interested in Chinese and Korean studies should also apply through the BAJS pages. Deadline for receipt of applications is 30 March 2009.