“Mexican American Heritage” textbook: subject of disputes in Texas

textbook mexican american heritage, dispute in texas
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Latino Communities in the United States have attempted to get depicted in textbooks properly for years and finally the Texas State Board of Education has decided to act accordingly. For the first time a textbook “Mexican American Heritage” is centered on Mexican Americans; it has appeared on the proposed list of textbooks for he 2017/18 academic session.

However, the latino communities are disappointed with the result of the authors Jaime Riddle and Valarie Angle: “..instead of respectful text of [..] history, we have a book poorly written, racist and prepared by non-experts.” Latino activists and scholars say the book offers distorted and offensive descriptions and even handles the interchangeable terms not correctly. Other examples of the deficient descriptions are the associations of Mexican Americans with illegal immigration, drug trade and pride in creating divisions in the U.S. society.
There is a deadline to consider for anyone who wants to comment on the controverse textbook: September 2016.

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