Negative portrayal of Hinduism in California now issue in court

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The group California Parents for the Equalization of Educational Materials (CAPEEM) and three further residents from Fremont in California, USA, continue a discussion about the depiction of Hinduism and sue the Department and the Board of Education and several school districts for appropriate corrections.

According to the organization CAPEEM, the curriculum provides that the major religions as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Confucianism have to be described in a way that emphasizes the positive features – expect of Hinduism. Instead, the religion with its Indian origin is portrayed very critical.

Especially the focus on the Hindu caste system would be exaggerated and embarrass the believers of the religion. The students would learn that Hinduism is a factor which might be the base for an unfair society structure. “I hope this lawsuit will force the Department of Education to correct the discrimination we now face.”, said Arti Kapoor, member of CAPEEM and mother of an affected family.

The accusers mentioned interpretations of the Christian religion which support slavery and prohibit same-sex relationships as negative examples that can't be found in school classes. They claim the same right for the exclusion of negative aspects of Hinduism.

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