Turkey plans extensive revisions of curricula

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Alanya school children (© see sources)

The Turkish education ministry is preparing extensive curriculum improvements. All changes are intended to strengthen the students’ skill of analytical thinking and to slim down the plain content that needs to be learned in order to pass exams. The project is targeting over 50 curricula and involves over 1.000 opinions of experts and institutions of the education sector to make sure the new system will work effectively. Furthermore, studies as PISA will be considered when it comes to revisions and corrections of the curricula drafts.

New measures will be the reduction of some of the classes while others will be increased, especially sports and arts. In addition, the concept of living and aging healthily by the World Health Organization (WHO) will be covered in the new plans.

Finally, the history classes will be reshaped with a focus on nine topics. Among others, they will be “history conscience”, “21st century skills”, “Kemalism” and “Values education”.

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Photo credit: Alanya school children by Patrickneil / CC BY 3.0
Information source: hurriyetdailynews.com