Turkish education ministry requests people's contribution to curricula

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The Turkish education ministry is continuously developing the new curricula of all national schools from grade one over middle to high schools. A notable approach for determining the contents of the lessons can be found on the ministry’s website. The Turkish people are asked to give suggestions for necessary knowledge which the education ministry wants to consider in the process of shaping the curricula. However, the subjects religion and morality are excluded from the areas which are free for contributions by private persons.

On February 10th, 2017, the education ministry plans to disable the website for opinions from the public. After receiving the suggestions the ministry will check the submitted improvements and will decide if to include or to skip it.

The new syllabus is expected to be implemented in September 2017. Furthermore, there will be schools that participate in pilot programs which involve preparatory classes for foreign languages after fifth grade.

Contrary to that, critics mention that the attempt of revolutionizing the education system could lead to a neglect of lessons about the founding Fathers and thus, a decay of values.

Finally, the curricula will cover parts of the personal development of students. Examples like emotional control, trust and communication, self-expression, obeying of rules or self-respect, love and responsibility will be subjects.

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