Wales improving education system

The Welsh Government has introduced a large number of educational policies since 2011, there are few areas of the curriculum or the school organization that haven’t been modified. On one hand Professor David Reynolds, an advisor of the Government, is positive about the possibilities of the rapid changes and mentions that the initial teacher training (ITT) is one of the cornerstones that continuously needs improvement. On the other hand critics notice an inconsistency of the ITT around Wales and attest just slow progress. Furthermore the radical changes that take place are executed in a very short period of time – four years – which might not be enough to embed these modifications into the existing education system. But there are hints of improvement. Reynolds reports about rising attendance rates in schools in disadvantaged areas as being forerunners of increases in academic results. Even slight improvements in the public examinations are noticed. Nonetheless, the new standards haven’t resulted in better performances in the PISA-tests yet.

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