Text as a Resource. Text Mining in Historical Science #dhiha7

OrtDHI, Rue du Parc Royal, Paris, France
Text Mining in Historical Science
Text mining (© see sources)

The conference has two major aims. One is about presenting existing infrastructures, tools, applications and analysis strategies for the use of Text Mining in specific research contexts. The other is about presenting research projects having applied Text Mining, which will allow us to show how to apply these methods and what outcome this could mean.

These two aims taken together, the conference will allow for researches in Historical Science to get an overview of existing techniques and strategies for mining huge amounts of text data. As infrastructures, tools and projects  – given the predominant logic of national research funding – are most likely not know beyond their national scientific system, we also aim at bringing together a wide-range, international group of scientists in this conference, allowing exchange and cooperation.


Photo credit: Graphic by mcmurryjulie / CC0
Informations sources: http://dhdhi.hypotheses.org/2681, https://dhdhi.hypotheses.org/2714